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Sanitary Napkin Incinerator


The Shrine Sanitary Napkin Incinerator is an economical solution to destroy used sanitary napkins immediately after use. The unit is converting hazardous sanitary napkins in to sterile ash within minutes. The ash collected in drawer can be disposed off with regular municipal waste. The unit is compact and shall be installed at schools, colleges, offices & housing colonies. The heat @350 degree centigrade is generated by high efficient band heater. The typical temperature cycle is controlled by digital microprocessor controller. The exhaust gas generated during incineration process is passes through three stage filter consisting of Cerawool, Activated carbon and steel wire mesh filter. The unit is housed in powder coated steel box and insulated with 25 to 40 mm ceramic heat insulation pads.

The wall mounting and stand mounting models are available as per site installation requirements. The exhaust blower assembly can be installed at outside of building with metallic flexible pipe.



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