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 Plastic waste 

Plastic waste consists of PET bottles, plastic containers, etc. The shredding of this waste will help in reduction of the volume of the waste and also to further process it for recycling. Plastic production is accelerating, so will plastic waste production. Reducing and recycling being important for plastic waste treatment, shredding is a key step. Saratech single and double shaft shredders are designed to shred this plastic waste in very small pieces thus reducing the volume and increasing transport and processing efficiency. These shredders can be installed at waste processing plants were plastic waste is already segregated and ready for disposal.


We also offer a specialized Shredder for PET Bottle which is designed to instantly shred and dispose PET bottle to avoid reuse. This shredder can be installed at any public place especially airports, railway stations, hotels, etc. which are source of majority of PET Bottle waste.


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