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 Organic waste 

The organic waste consists of vegetables, fruits /fruit skins, Garden waste, Agriculture waste, leftover food etc. This waste is converted to manure which acts as an organic fertilizer in agriculture. This conversion is called as composting. Shredding the organic waste into small pieces helps in accelerating this composting process. Hence, we have designed a multi-purpose shredder, single and shaft and double shaft, which can shred organic waste effectively. Biggest application of this is in processing of Stubble (Crop residue) waste. Crop residue burning is a common practice but not a sustainable one. It emits green house gases which exacerbate global warming. Saratech shredders can we used to shred this stubble which further can be used for mulching, textile industries, biothermal plants, etc. These shredder machines can be installed at farms, gardens, resorts, institutions, housing colonies, etc.


The silent, highly efficient Saratech shredders are installed at various public places such as market yards, housing colonies, nurseries and institutions.


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